Fixed again?

By erg121

Bob the cat

I've been in Newcastle most of today, had a look at the new IPad and really can't see how people will use this monstrosity. Its too big to use like an Iphone, too small to use like an IMac and you need to sit down or have it on a desktop in order to use it as its to cumbersome to hold in the hand. Really can't see the point????

This has delayed my blip for today so I went out into the back garden and took photo's of Rosemary, Thyme, Clematis, Japanese Maple, Bamboo and Bob my other cat. Bob won, her prize being a tin of tuna tonight.

Anyways hope you like my picture of Bob (she is female and named after Bob Dylan???????).

Canon EOS 40D with Sigma 24-135 F2.8 at 135mm. 1/100 sec ~ F4.0 ~ ISO 100 ~ evaluative metering.

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