Woke up to another corner-to-corner blue sky, blazing sun and barely a breath of wind. Factor 15 applied (you can't be too careful when the only UV you normally get is from a computer monitor), we trotted off to the village for more Daim-bar ice cream and the sale-rail at the kids' clothes shop (Danish kids' clothes are so, so much cooler than British ones - more on that later).

I resisted another picture of the blueness and planned a sunset mission to see if I could add a bit of pink to the mix. But come 5pm, a storm was rolling in over the ocean and there wasn't an ounce of blueness left. Headed out anyway and enjoyed a wet and windy adventure.

Home journey is now planned - depart Tuesday, two nights in Bremen and a quick drop into Amsterdam, then ferry back to Dunedin on Friday. Hope the sea calms down a bit in the meantime.

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