By sp33dway

the amazing padded insert

It's blue, it's soft and it's comfortable - and I also happen to think it looks like something from the 80's movie 'Tron'.

This morning I rode up a hill and came down a mountain. Then back up again, and back down, then round, then up and finally back down where I parked up my bike and shared a coffee with friends - and quite possibly the best piece of coffee & walnut cake I have tasted in my entire life.

Mountain biking helps me breath, especially after a week tanning myself slowly in front of a computer screen - it sure beats sitting on my backside all saturday morning [although, to be fair, I am still technically sitting on my backside YES I KNOW]. It is made all the more comfortable thanks to the blue padded insert in my new winter leggings, which keep my 'baby making bits' nicely protected from bumps and jumps.

2 weeks ago I slipped onto the crossbar whilst going downhill, glancing my 'portions' on the nose of the saddle which left me speechless for a few moments (there was also a lump in my throat for several days afterwards). Thankfully today I returned home unscathed and family jewels intact.

All thanks to the amazing padded insert.

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