On My Doorstep

By bwhere

Rosen's Brighton

In 2002 I started an album with a working title of "There is a story behind that ..." (a bit like blipfoto, really). I hoped to put photographs in it that I could write something about. I've still got the album but it has only got 6 images in it.

This one is accompanied by the following story:

Brighton, Saturday 1st June 2002: As we passed this shop the owner was in the doorway reading the paper. We weren't intending to go in but Kate wondered if he might have a Fez. We back-tracked and asked the owner, Mr Rosen, who proceeded to tell us about the time he bought some to sell that had been worn by waiters at a restaurant that closed down. One story led to another and we learnt that his father and his father before him had owned the shop. On leaving he let me take this photo.

In our B&B the following morning a fellow guest who was paying a visit to Brighton from Canada, upon being told about Mr Rosen, said that he used to go to school with him when he lived in Brighton. He recalled playing the piano while the young Mr Rosen played the violin. What a small world!

Does Rosen's still exist?

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