movers and shapers

I think there's a secret society of people like this bloke and Captain 1932 who make it their duty to wander our streets providing the occasional flash of the atmosphere of the mid-20th century detective thriller movie. The people-as-scenery theory might yet prove correct.

I would have followed him to see where he went (though obviously I would not follow him into any ill-lit alleys in case I was set upon by a gang of wisecracking fedora'd henchpersons) but I was actually peering over the bridge in search of a suitable bridge-or-bottom-related homage to the retired. The walkway thing between the museum and Old College can count as a bridge for this purpose.

*insert minute's silence here*

Obviously a gonk has to do what a gonk has to do but its electrical internet blip-presence will be most missed.

I thought I would get my holiday-week back-blipped this evening but after spending so long on the links I'm still only up to Thursday. I haven't written Friday or Saturday yet either. It is a job for another time though; I barely got three hours' sleep last night after an entertaining hour spent listening to a burglar alarm along the lane and my eyes felt really nasty today. If they haven't changed the sensitivity setting so that it is no longer set off by a clump of students walking past twenty metres away on their way home at least I'll have had a couple of hours already. Nightynight.

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