Sandcastle Holidays

By Sandcastle

WalkTheWalk - The MoonWalk Edinburgh 2010

WooHoo, the MoonWalk goodies have arrived. The countdown has begun. Fundraising well on way - but if you want... donate.

Now, what have we forgotten to do? Oh, crikey - training!

Walking partner has decided to Take Matters in Hand. So tomorrow we'll have a personal trainer on our walk. Yes, at this very moment he's planning out an 8-mile walking route for us - because we're TOO BUSY to footer around with Google maps plotting routes for ourselves. And if truth be told, left to our own devices we'd be wandering up to John Lewis's for a visit to the haberdashery department for some frou-frou decorations with which to trim our bras, pausing for the odd cup of coffee and chatting.

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