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Flake In The Road

Today I had to get the little cellar people back to work on the confectionery again as there had been a little accident.

Whilst in transport there was a chocolate spillage which resulted in the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate road block in the world.

Luckily a crack team of lumberjacks recently entered the little cellar world who set to work immediately to remove the blockage.

Luckily for the rest of the little cellar people they get to take what they cut and clear home.

I have been hoping to take this shot for a while now, ever since my wife suggested it, but finding the time has been tough. Luckily I am now getting quicker at setting these up and finding a decent angle.

For the background I used a greetings card we recently got sent featuring Allerthorpe village which I think works well. I now have a better setup for lighting and as for the little cellar people they always seem to work well.

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