Drive-by shooting #15

This is a bit of a cheater Drive-by since I know the subject ;)

I had lunch with Joel today. It was very nice to meet up with him at a favourite place downtown Waterloo. We've not eaten here for a while and the menu has changed quite a lot again. I love that one never knows what one is going to get when returning to a favourite place.

Joel and I had a very nice time talking about lots of things. School. Sisters. Home. Travel. Friends. Memories. More.

Then I was off for a surprise visit to Karin's. She was not expecting me and I knew it could be dangerous to drive the 100km to her place on a Friday and assume she'd be home early-ish. But it was worth the risk. I knew she'd get home eventually. And if I had to just hang around there or hang around my place, that was all the same. But at least hanging around in Toronto meant that eventually I'd see her :)

She came home.

Late-ish :D

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