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By chrisnixon

Dreaming of Power

We visited the Mackie's of Scotland open day today with the family. It was a bit disappointing that we didn't actually get to see ice cream getting made, but it was a good day out none-the-less.

Most interesting of all was a conversation I inadvertently had with company chairman, Maitland Mackie. We were walking up a hill to look at the wind turbines, and he was driving a buggy down. I cheekily asked for a lift. While he didn't oblige (he had passengers) he did stop for a chat.

"Whether you like it or not, this country will soon be covered in wind turbines," was his opener. Luckily I'm on his side in this debate. He is extremely keen to make sure that local communities are the beneficiaries of the money that is made by these turbines, and not big corporations.

I like to see a man with a passion that extends beyond his own business interests, especially somebody with the means to make a difference.

Nice to meet you Mr Mackie.

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