The second half of life..

By twigs

Last Of The Summer........Scabiosa

It was a wet old night last night. After the drought from earlier in the year I can truly say that I am now sick of rain!

Fortunately, today wasn't actually too bad - no rain just grey ol' clouds. In a wee wander round the garden in search of inspiration and fresh air late this afternoon I found this lone scabiosa flower standing strong amid a host of scraggly dead heads. The scraggly look of the whole garden tells me that a winter clean and tidy should be on my priority list of things to do.....ho hum.....

Friend came round for a game or 5 of backgammon and I had what was, I think, my best win ever. Chalk that one up for the record books!

Nothing much else to report.

Hope all you Kiwis had a very pleasant holiday courtesy of HRH QEII :)

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