Sento Il Cuore Affogato

By LontanoDaMe

The Stachetastic Moustache

Yesterday, I went into Hot Topic with my best friend Elena looking for whatever we could find that could possibly be cool. Elena bought some ill-looking fake glasses and an awesome Lil Wayne baggy t-shirt. (Us trying to be gangster? haha, possibly!)

And I, found a Deadmau5 t-shirt (an amazing techno-DJ), and this^^ amazing Moustache Bumper-Sticker! I get my car in August, and I thought, "What the heck? I'll be one of the only people with a moustache reading 'Stachetastic' on my bumper!" :)

Plus, its fun to play with, as you see^^ that I did today. :) Also, this photo is following the tradition I made for myself to have a self-protrait every Thursday :D

I also apologize for not blipping for the past day or so! My internet crashed so there was no way to upload my photos from my camera to blipfoto!

Leslie :) <3

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