Bob died

Bob. My neighbour. Robert. A lovely man. Very kind. Gentle. Always smiling. Husband to Ilse. Father to Sarah and Johanna. Friend to all us neighbours.

I went to the visitation* this afternoon. It was sad. And kind of happy too. Met some other neighbours. Met someone I see maybe once every couple of years and had just this morning had a meeting with him. He was there just a moment before me! Strange synchronicity.

Bob's daughter gave birth to a son two days after he died. Joy and grief, all at once.

*visitation. I don't know how prevalent this practice is. But here in NA we don't have the deceased in our homes and have people come to our home to offer condolences. Instead, it is our custom to have people visit at a funeral home or sometimes at a church. We call this practice "visitation". I believe it is the case in other cultures that the deceased will be kept at home and people (friends/family, etc) will come to the home to offer condolences.

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