The second half of life..

By twigs

A day at the races

Well - not really a day.....more like a couple of hours.

Went along to get out and about and to take some shots - not because I'm a gambler! On the contrary.....

Total cost of day:
$3 entry
$5 large, triple shot latte to warm my hands
$3 pottle of fries to warm my tummy.

Yup - it was cold. Beautiful and sunny, but c-o-l-d! I haven't eaten hot chips [fries] in probably 2 years but as that was pretty much all that was on offer as warm food I just had to do it.

As for the shots, they didn't turn out nearly as well as I'd wanted - the strong sunshine created such deep shadows which made it hard to capture the details I'd hoped for. I've resorted to photoshop again today to rescue me - but I've ended up rather liking the effect.

It seems that Photoshop is my biggest gamble these days ;)

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