Sandcastle Holidays

By Sandcastle

The team colours

We're going to be walking half of the MoonWalk (only one buttock, ha!) next Saturday. My team-mates claim not to be able to sew, so it was up to me to rustle up the costumes in an effort for us not to feel a little less exposed out there.
For those who don't know about the MoonWalk, lots of ladies start a walk at midnight. The full MoonWalk is a 26.2 mile marathon. We're doing the half at 13.1 miles. We haven't ever done it before and we were a bit shocked that we weren't allowed to wear our t-shirts, just bras. It's in aid of Breast Cancer charities, hence the bra bit.
This year it's a Mardi Gras theme, but as you can see my boobs are nothing like pancakes, so we've thrown out that idea and have gone with the idea of patriotic fervour. At least we'll get a cheer from the Scots supporters.
You can see how my fundraising efforts are going here and if you're minted, you might like to add in a few quid - good cause!

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