Smiling Again

Well, mrs monochrome had the wee man at the doctors this morning to get his rash checked out and left with a confirmed case of Hand, foot and mouth disease (no relation to the animal "Foot & Mouth" disease). Apparently it's quite common in babies and young kids, however it's no less distressing or tiresome looking after them. Credit to the missus for putting up with the bulk of it, considering he would only really settle for her over the weekend.

In saying that, he has been a lot better today - he's at least eating some food (including fruit [he had went off it, probably due to the acidity hurting his mouth, which is surprising as it's his absolute favourite]) and he's smiling a lot more. We've not had a repeat of the hysterical crying from Saturday either, and he's settled fine for bed tonight, so fingers crossed he's through he worst of it. The spots and bumps on his hands seem to be a bit less angry looking too.

As there are a few colleague's wives who are expecting, I thought it safer to confine myself to the spare room and work from home until the worst of the infection is over. Despite this, I'm absolutely shattered - I think the weekend's stress, comforting/bouncing and sleepless nights have caught up with us, as I'm off to bed as soon as this is posted.

Night folks.

PS. I've had this pretty much on repeat all day - pure class: Psycho Killer... Qu'est-ce que c'est? Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa fa fa

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