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On my way to work

Sometimes it's difficult to know when 'work' begins when you work for yourself.

I've been trying to build up my blog posts to do with staying in our cottage in Edinburgh, and in doing so have been amassing a collection of photographs and now some video footage as young Max has a Flip camera too.

So, with a little time to wait this morning before my guests were due to depart, and of course with Saturday's MoonWalk firmly in my mind, I thought a quick shin round Arthur's Seat this morning might be in order. Haven't walked the Radical Road for a while, so thought it might be the route.

Spent a lot of time fiddling about with an app on my iPhone called iMapMyWalk which uses GPS tracking to map out where you're walking. It worked ok for a bit, but I think the number of photos I was tagging and the fact that I was also listening to an audio book and emails kept arriving might eventually have proved too big a load for the poor wee phone.

Met various tourists who were surprised to find someone who lives here walking, One told me tales of getting here on a ?16 ticket from Dublin, and visiting both Edinburgh and Glasgow in the two days he's going to be here. Another lady had already been to the Castle and was wondering if it was worth going to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Both asked me to take their photographs with the Castle in the background. Thank goodness it was a clearer day than last week!

So, on my way to work I did lots of things, then I cleaned the cottage and came back to blog, edit videos and map my walk again.

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