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By twigs

All White...s

After last night's historic World Cup 'victory' I felt it only right that today's blip paid hommage to our men in white.

Yes, I know you're saying 'but the Kiwis drew their match' and, technically, you're right.

But in the eyes of 4 million of so Kiwis, the last-stoppage-time-minute goal to draw level with Slovakia was nothing less than a win!! Second time ever to make it to the last 32 of the world's football elite, and the first ever point to be earned in a game. Wonderful!

If you didn't know, the Kiwi football team's nickname is the All Whites, hence todays [almost!] all-white blip :)

Next game - Italy.

Hmmm........better start thinking about how to create an all-white pizza ;)

(Oh - and for those more interested in the picture than the football, this is a Japanese anenome seed head not a white stawberry!)

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