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The dinghy arrived. It's currently sitting in the back room until I can think of something to do with it. It seems so huge and heavy I wonder how I'll get it aboard the boat to travel, never mind inflate it. In fact, I think it's bigger than the bloomin boat. Oh cripes. At least I got the insurance on the boat arranged. Spent a bit of the morning planning routes, looking at times and tides. Wonder how much peanut butter I'll need?
I was informed by Stevie T that I'd, "be pleased and surprised" to learn that I was currently first out of our 7 man world cup prediction competition. That was before the Spain result, mind. Fools.
Took a walk down town and looked at some more doings at the College of Art (above is some glass stuff). And now I've been summoned for a sup at the Dig Dawgs. Better get the drinking togs on. Pip pip!

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