Dai Urnal-Instants

By DaiUrnal

The Thief of Perca

The brook near where I live was once the course of an old watermill. It's the brook at Lam known, with startling originality, as Lambrook.

Whether it contains little silver gliding 'fisheses'; perch, trout or great white stickleback is now moot. This heron obviously thought it worth closer inspection but will have fished it out before it departs. Nature renews its bounty and so it returns year after year to stand like some ancient, grave and taciturn priest claiming his tithe.

Still it is only doing what comes naturally; we don't compete for the fish and it is very accommodating for the novice photographer, willing to stand stock still for minutes at a time while one composes the shot.

By the way, to save you valuable minutes spent looking, there is no lion in this picture.

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