By wingpig

the perils

An unusual development: in the alley beside the flat there was an unbroken wine bottle resting on the cobbles. It could just be someone dropping a bottle on their way to the Charlesfield bottle banks OR it could be a rare sign of consideration in a ned. Maybe somewhere out there in the corner of a park or outside the entrance to a shopping centre there's a wee be-capped skinny youth gently advising his colleagues to not fling their used Bucky bottles at the ground and instead place them down gently so that they don't smash.
Nice day off tomorrow to use up a bit of spare time. There's a gentleman coming to inspect our water-heating arrangements (Baxi Bermuda c.1979) and prepare a quote for a new one (freeing up loads of cupboard space and making it legal to do the windows) sometime between 10 and 12 (though being Scottish Gas this could mean anything from 9am to two weeks on Friday) so any pleasant day-off activities must be arranged therearound. As with the weekend the balance between getting up really early to enjoy the entire day or not getting up early because I don't have to must be balanced; as usual it'll probably be the former which wins.

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