Monkey and Froggy

By hertbonfaroff

Young Love

i think were adorable. idk why i can never look at a camera right, i look retarded. lol. but i like the color in this. i lowered the saturation, added a multiply layer of tanish? and then 2 screen layers of magenta and blue this is all on gimp, cause i dont have photoshop and im to lazy to buy/steal so ill use the free software im used to. :D but i love this girl with all my heart and id do anything with her. im sure that i will be with her for the rest of my life, and i will fight to keep that promise. she is my everything and is totally perfect for me. shes beautiful, smart funny. all those generic adjectives and so much more. shes my crazy monkey, my sexy butt, my one and only lubb and the one im gonna grow old and wrinkly with. i love her so much, and i know she loves me too. my life is so wonderful now that i have her. so i guess my life's gonna be a whole bunch of wonderful. this is not a problem.

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