Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover


This arrived from Play the other day. We hadn't seen the first two episodes of the programme but I had flicked through the book in Tescos and it looked fascinating.

It was mainly bought for the perfect Pizza recipie, but several others including the Black Forest Gateaux, treacle Tart, Steak and Bolognese all sounded tempting. We finally caught th eprogramme last night and it was the steak episode. I have to say the finished product looked beautiful.

That said however buying a forerib. browning it really quickly with a powerful blowtorch then cooking it for 24 hours (yes you did read that right it was twenty four hours) in an oven at 50 degrees celcius before chopping the meat from the bone and cutting the steaks and frying them seems like an awful lot of hassle for such a simple dish.

The finished article does look beautiful though so we'll have to try it at least once. Not sure I can say the same about the blognese though as a pork and oxtail bolognaise just doesn't appeal for some reason.

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