Photo Bee 1 Journal

By photobee1

Piping Plover New Young

Today was the expected hatching day for a pair of piping plovers at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary in Westport MA. Earlier this year, birding I had noticed this pair foraging at the beginning of the beach loop trail, instead of way down on the beach where all the other plovers were staying. The staff watched these bird and when they set up their nest the area was roped off. to keep people away from them.
When I arrived there were two chicks running around ( were four eggs on nest) and the female was still on nest. the female got up and left the nest and behold another newborn chick.

The picture is of the newest born chick, an earlier hatch chick and the last egg. when i had left the egg was still being incubated by the plovers, both were taking turns

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