By napoleon

Geography lesson #1

My geography is pretty bad. Every time I look at a map I learn something new.

For example, I never would have been able to tell you that Poland is, roughly, almost as big as Germany. That's a surprise, I imagine Poland being a small country perhaps the size of Austria. Seeing it on the map there, it's big! Quick check, it's about 313 thousand square kilometres, only about 50k shy of Germany.

And then there's Ukraine. Not only did I not really know its whereabouts (except roughly), I certainly didn't know it's bigger than France! Flippin' 'eck! Over 600,000 square km!

Don't even get me started on Turkey. Just shy of 800,000 sq km. My head is spinning.

For shame. Perhaps I should revisit my map more often. It sits high up on the box room wall (hence the wonky angle of the pic), and I don't pay it much attention.

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