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By dublinshooter

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The Music Group was on a Midsummer Break today, which meant I was totally free to give Carl a hand with preparations for a Grand Prix lunch in his place tomorrow. My main duty was to provide transport for last-minute shopping, and he'd done so much advance preparation and had already got so much through internet shopping that I wasn't needed until 3.00 pm.

It was on the way over that I spotted this visiting cruise ship and took a little detour near Ringsend to get a closer look at it. I must say I wouldn't at all fancy a cruise. The idea of being cooped up on a floating hotel does not appeal to me, and only occasionally having a limited chance to get back onto dry land would irritate me. I'd be interested in hearing what the people on this boat think of the whole thing, but I've never even accidentally bumped into anyone who's been on one which has docked in Dublin. Maybe some day.

As usual, shopping took longer than expected, so it was going on for 6.00 by the time we got down to the final stages of cleaning and tidying, and almost 9.00 before we went down to Walters for a bit of well-earned pub grub. There still seems to be a lot to be done for tomorrow, so it'll be an early start.

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