Brought to you by the letter C

By thegeneous

I promise to walk tall no matter what I step in

from Calgary Stampede advertisement by Karo Group

Hadn't intended on a cowboy hat series, but this gentlemen stepped in front of me as I was getting off the train ...

Must say that I am really looking forward to Stampede this year.

I love watching the rodeo and chuckwagons, eating grilled burgers, beef on a bun... and those mini-donuts!

My favorite rodeo event is the bull-riding. Them cowboys is crazy!!

Also like to watch the Rangeland Derby (chuckwagons). Jason will be participating as an outrider.

All the fun starts July 9th.

Gone camping again this weekend. Off to Old McDonald's Farm. Hope to get some fun pics. Have a great weekend. Happy Canada Day tomorrow!

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