I liked the nothingness around this guy and also how full his pollen sacks are.

I had the BESTEST night tonight. For the second time since I have been here (almost 5 years), I had friends over for dinner and cooked for them. It was interesting to watch Chinese people eat home made western food. I made my special spaghetti bolognaise and I think it's called Shrimp Scampi (garlic prawns with noodles), a side salad and a nice bottle of Aussie red wine.

Chinese people don't eat vegetables raw so it the reaction to a fresh salad amazed me.. I always think there is more flavour in raw veggies and love them that way but the amazement at the taste from my guests was very nice. They enjoyed the meal and the conversation after (although all in Chinese) was a lot of fun. Thank you Terri, Stanley and Selina for a wonderful wonderful night. Now off to do the dishes.

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