love light

By lrw

Unexpected delight

What a day. We woke this morning, maybe a bit too early still in Brno and had to rush a little to pack and get get on the bus this morning. We were heading for Budapest. Leaving about 9:30am, arriving about 1:30 or 2:00pm. Well, that was the plan. But our bus had other plans.

Our route took us through a little bit of Slovakia! Yahoo! Now I can say I have been to Slovakia and through Bratislava, too. Though, sadly, only for an hour or so and only on a bus :(. But I liked what I saw and am pretty sure we'll go back another time.

Once we were into Hungary we stopped to give some of our traveling companions a toilet break. While stopped someone noticed a lot of greenish liquid pouring out from the bus. :( A couple of hours later we were on our way.

It was not so bad a delay, as delays can go. We were all in good spirits, both figuratively and literally - we had quite a stash of wine and champagne to keep us happy ;) There was a lot of talking and laughing while the repair crew did their very dirty, messy work. I had a chance to talk, at length, with a woman I'd not met before and found we had a lot of common interests. It looks like a lot of other people did the same thing.

We arrived in Budapest a little late and *very* tired. But ... we arrived!

For the evening, a few of us took a stroll up Castle Hill (I think it is called). There is a funicular one can take to get to the top, but we wanted to walk it. While at the top a thunderstorm seemed to be approaching, lots of thunder, a bit of lightning, the sky getting quite dark. So we ducked into a little café for the shelter and to have a glass of wine or whatever.

We found these guys playing some pretty cool music. One of our group was barking out requests - Bartok, Dvorak, Kreisler and others. These guys knew them all. And I think they were quite excited to be asked to play so many favourites.

Whew. What a day! :)

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