Mrs Cyclops

By MrsCyclops


On Friday I came down to Windermere for F's hen weekend. The weekend was filled with frolics which obviously cannot be divulged - what happens on the hen stays on the hen!

On the Saturday afternoon the activity was hillwalking, and we went up Coniston Old Man. Yup, a proper hill. It was a stunning day and we were out about five hours. As a local, I knew enough about the fells to bring a jumper and a waterproof even though it was a gorgeous day, and both of these were required - it was pretty blowy up there. I also knew enough to stick at the front of the group - that way you get to rest while you are waiting for the stragglers.

And see to the left the treacherous drop - we've just come up there. Yeah, I know, I thought I was going to die.

I'm not a hillwalker myself, the last hill I went up was about 20 years ago, it certainly wouldn't be my first choice of a day out. I saw it as a personal challenge though, and was of course happy to pitch in for what my friend wanted to do on her hen. I can't say I enjoyed it, and my boots rubbed my feet to shreds, but to be fair the view was lovely.

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