Budapest is an incredibly beautiful city. Almost everywhere (anywhere) you turn you will see yet another beautiful piece of architecture. Much of it being restored to its original grandeur. And sometimes restored to even more beautiful than it might have been originally!

One of our group commented to Karin that he feels sometimes everything looks a little too nice, almost like Disney. I sort of see what he means. But it is my opinion Budapest is not nearly so surreal as Disney.

We decided against joining the larger group for the bus tour today. We've been on that bus a little too much lately. We decided it would be a lot more pleasant to travel about on foot, on our own. And it was. Of course we might not have learned as much about some of the more famous sites, but we learned a lot more about other aspects of this city's life.

The afternoon is a lovely time of relaxing. Karin posted another blog entry. I'm enjoying a Campari and soda in the lounge writing up this entry. We have a concert tonight. Maybe this one we'll get right? ;)

Oh, a comment on my choice of photo - Yes, this is an amazingly beautiful city. Its communist, socialist past is ever present. The powerful, uplifting and inspiring architecture abounds everywhere. Just note the beauty in its symetry. The lovely detail of mottled concrete. Yes, those socialists had access to some of the world's best architects. We are envious of their achievements! (I'm posting some other images on Flickr, of course)

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