The second half of life..

By twigs

Cormorant aerobics

Had an almost busy day today......

- An hour of yoga to start the day...
- Real estate agent round to do appraisal on house - for no other reason than he rang yesterday and offered!
- Lunch in town with K at her son's cafe - delicious Thai pumpkin soup which I shall have to have a go at making!
- Home via harbour to take a few pics, including this wee chap who seemed to be doing his own workout high above my head!
- Head home then.....
- Settle down to fit new focusing screen into camera. Was worried about messing about with the internal workings of the camera but - thanks to youtube video - it was very easy.
- Cook tea and consume
- Evening talking on phone, planning day trip to Auckland then booking tickets.
- Bed to read

All good :)

PS check this out large :)

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