Glass corner

This is another morning shot. The colour does reflect my mood when I woke up. I realize over and over again, how moody I am with photography. When it comes to subjects, composition and colours, I have no conscious thought.

The remainder of the day fluctuated between bumpy and smooth, but it ended well. I like to be able to work quietly. The results usually turn out to be reasonably good. I hope I'll make it to tomorrow morning's cycling ride though waking up early has become a lost habit.

There shall be loads of football to watch this weekend and I will look forward to it. After the tight game where Spain hardly allowed Germany to get a foot into, we should have a good final. Though I am not particularly inclined towards any of these sides, I want to see a good match, perhaps aided by an early goal. If it was Argentina or Brazil in the finals, I would have been more excited. Some records to be broken this time. Also, there has been far too much fuss over that octopus, lately.

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