The Pensioner

By Pensioner

St Bernard's well

A horror start to the day. Washing away, I suddenly realised I'd left the motor on a restricted space the night before. I was out in seconds, pulling on t-shirt over my wetted hair imaging the car being lifted and impounded and me being £135 the poorer. It's amazing what energises the middle classes round here. It was OK. Had you going, eh? Naw.
Anyway, after chores and shopping, I stepped out through the Botanics and up the Water of Leith to see these Gormley figures. I must say, my impression is that they're not that great or interesting or anything (in fact they're abominations and eyesores!). The things that were impressive were Sydney Mitchell's Well Court at Dean Village, and of course, St Bernard's Well (above). Met two blippers! Firstly a poet and raconteur waiting to be a photographer at a wedding, and then a much darker character with an engaging smile and a big plastic lens.
After that, met up and had a little end of day drink and the sun came out at last.

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