A Dog's Dinner

By G

In People We Trust

As it was a dull day we popped over to Fredrickshaven to check it out. Not much to see really a bustling harbour and ferry terminal with lots of Norwegians snapping up bargains.

Today we learned about trust, Danish style.

After we parked the car in town I went up to a woman and asked her if she knew where we could pay. In broken English she explained that you had to buy a disc which you displayed on the windscreen, but these were only for sale an petrol station and banks.

She then proceeded to give me an extra one she had in the car as a gift. How nice.

To use the disc you place the pointer at the hour nearest your arrivel. Your trusted not to lie.

On our way home we pulled ovder to get some logs for the stove. You just take what you need and your trusted to put the correct money in a box.

We could learn a lot here.

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