Mixed cultures

We have seen people from every part of the world while here in Europe. Muslims tend to stand out because of their choice of attire. Especially the women wearing burkas (though, hijabs too).

In Canada, one expects to see people from every part of the world because we are just that - people from every part of the world. But here in Europe one almost expects to see a more homogenous society. Of course, that would be rather dull and far too racist to be reasonable. Though I am sure there are many here who might rather have kept some kind of homogenous "purity" to their society. I am happier knowing most of us can appreciate peoples from many cultures and enjoy what they have to offer us, what we can learn from them.

Having said all that, my image articulates a part of my opinion regarding some aspects of other cultures. I'll try to avoid turning blip into a soapbox and let my image speak for me. ;)

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