The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Winterbourne Bassett

There is a stone circle ruin at Winterbourne Bassett, a small village a few miles north of Avebury, but for me it doesn't fall on a route to anywhere, so visiting it involves a purposeful intent. It is a rather beautiful setting and one of my favourite pictures was one I took there in August 1999.

Today, when I arrived, I found the field containing the stones had become a meadow, and so they were presumably hidden below the grasses, and the field was now protected by a barbed-wire fence. I could see a couple of whitish shapes in the far distance, and as I walked closer, along the path beside it, to investigate I discovered they were a pair of alpacas. Fortunately, they were curious enough to graze their way closely enough to my vantage point for me to take some pictures.

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