The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

No Smoking in the Building Please....

This is the Clamp Kiln at our works, and the fire is reaching the end of the kiln and in another five days the fire will reach the end and the temperature will reach about 1050°C and then cool down naturally and the Grey Clay turns to Brick Red Ceramic.
During the initial firing all the water is driven off and then all the volatiles as gas.
There are only four Clamps works left in the country, we have some dispensation for all the gases due to the fact that English Heritage buys a number of the bricks for restoration projects.

To show you how silly our law is, this Clamp Shed is a none smoking designated area, due to the fact that it has a roof and two side walls, more than 50% of the walls are covered in, hence a No Smoking Area.

In this Clamp is just over one Million bricks, which are set by hand and Packed by hand, One million bricks weigh just short of 3000 tonnes, all moved by 14 of our workers.
Each Man moves 165 tonnes each five working days, so if he starts work at 20 and finishes at 60, he would have moved 316,000 tonnes of bricks, that's if he has no days off sick during that time and allowing for 25 days Holiday, not counting any over time he would have worked.

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