The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


Having left it for a couple of days, I decided to catch up on the very enjoyable task of looking at my subscription journals and adding a few comments. I began at nine o'clock and next thing I knew it was 12:15! I may have to cut back on this a little.

I was out in the car in the afternoon and made a number of pit stops for photographic forays, first for a pair of horses in a field below Nethermore Woods, and then at Reybridge to see how the swans and cygnets I'd seen on 13th June were getting on. As before the male swan was sheltering under the bridge, and his partner and four, now much larger cygnets were on the nest in the reeds.

I also went in to the picture-postcard village of Lacock and took some shots there, including the Found Scene shown in Extras, experimenting with spot-metering with instructive but mixed results. There was an interesting tiny exhibition on at the Fox Talbot Museum Of Photography, but despite it being in a separate building to see it one either had to buy a ticket for the Abbey cloisters, grounds, museum and exhibition (£8) or join the NT (£48.50). It was this sort of stupid counter-productive elitist snobbery that led to my having let my membership lapse. I passed. There were four members of staff on duty at the desks there, but the exhibition was completely empty.

Back at Reybridge at 17:30, there were signs of movement. First the male swan began to swim down the river, and then first the female swan, and then all the cygnets followed suit, and soon they were so majestically gliding downstream, taking all my frustrations and bad mood with them.

Most of the evening and part of this morning was spent examining, editing, processing and indexing the shots I took. I've chosen this one which shows the family group swimming towards the reeds at the bank of the river Avon.


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