The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm


Prince is one of the shire horses at Wadworth's Brewery in Devizes. Those are flecks of sawdust on his face, by the way.

Prince, Monty, Max and Percy are out on their rounds every morning through the week, usually in pairs, pulling drays, delivering to pubs and customers within a two mile radius of the brewery.

When I visited them, they were all just back in their stables, having a drink and a well-earned feed of best hay, bran, molasses and brewer's grains. Apparently they occasionally enjoy a pint of 6X or Henry's IPA, too.

Prince is an amazing 17.2 hands tall seven-year old, and came to Wadworth's three years ago. All four towered over me, hence the angle, but they were all so friendly and sociable, enjoying the attention, and smelling deliciously of hay.

More photos from this day's shoot on Flickr here.

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