Aperture Science

By stevie

This is what you get for missing the light.

This mangled mess is the result of being 10mins to late to get the shot I wanted.

The sun was setting with gorgeous light and this Dry-stane wall was perfect for blipping but i Thought 'I'll just see what It's like up a bit' by the time i got back the sun had dropped and the wall was no longer bathed in glory - a lesson learned.

This is the resulting shot -this- opened in photoshop twice at different histogram levels, merged (badly) by hand in photoshop, flattened then adjusted using curves etc to give this mess

I'm not that happy with it, wish i had an SLR and some ND grads!

Photoshopped to the MAX enough for you Tardy?

You nearly ended up with -This- which is nice but dull.

As per usual any comments/feedback/advice/critique very much encouraged.



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