The Rambling Path

By MuddyFox

Last day :(

Last day aaannd, MIST again! Better night last night, though 16k to cover from Fairfield to Windermere to get the train. Would have been fine apart from the fatal discovery of a rather large outdoor shop in Ambleside which rather appealed to my gear-freak side :)
Ended up almost running for the last train with crazy 6min connections!

Been an amazing couple of days, especially to show that it's not that bad living without electricity and the other home comforts. The shower at around 11:30pm when we finally arrived back in Sheff was bliss!!

Bit bruised and wind burnt (!) but apart from that, very happy! Just enjoying toilets that flush, water from a TAP that doesn't taste of chlorine and not having to carry the weeks food on my back!!! :D

Obviously can't claim rights to this photo!

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