John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

The Fry House--New Hampshire

This house was originally built by Silas Fry in 1799, in Tamworth, New Hampshire. After it burned down, it was rebuilt in 1928 by my great uncle on my mother's side, Roland W. Boyden. He's on the left below, with his three brothers; my grandfather is on the right (probably taken in the '30s).

Relatives from my mother's side have been living and summering in Tamworth for at least two centuries. These blips were taken on the occasion of a wonderful outdoor memorials service at the house. for my first cousin (once-removed), Roland (Roland W.'s son) and his wife Cynthia. He died in 1981, and she continued spending the summers in Tamworth until her death late last year at 88. The event was incredibly moving, with numerous tributes and recollections from relatives and friends. I have my own memories of summers and occasional winter ski vacations, especially as a teenager.

The photo below was probably taken in the 1930s--a print was in the house, exactly as shown.

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