The plastering-man finished plastering the remain two of our three rooms on Friday evening but apart from quickly popping over to retrieve the keys and lock the door I didn't look around much as the still-very-damp plaster was emitting significant amounts of moisture in the to flat's air, making it an unpleasant place to in a lightly cycle-warmed state. I'd checked that the hole in the wall through which there had previously poked a multiplug so that we had a power supply in the semi-external boiler cupboard had been filled and that we still had access to the mains water stop-cock and (most importantly) that this time none of the radiator pipes had been abused and none of the radiator-bracket-fittings or bracket-fitting-hole-locations had been filled or otherwise rendered a pain in the arse to replace radiators upon. All still seemed in order today after we popped in between popping out for something to eat (chancing upon Mrs David77 in the process) after popping out to meet three out of the four parents of live births out of the five couples in the slightly fairy-magic-nonsense-tainted ante-natal classes we attended. The group facilitator had known of the mishap of the earliest-due couple but hadn't thought that telling the rest of us might have prevented anyone emailing everyone else in the group to arrange a meetup, which Nicky did, much to her distress at causing further distress to the couple concerned. It hopefully marks the last time we'll have to meet the fairy-magic-nonsense woman, though keeping in touch with the other parents would be hoped-for.

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