Sea Urchin

By seaurchin


What is it with surgery receptionists? A little bit of power and you have to fight your way through them to get into the surgery. Today I was a few minutes late for the phlebotomist and the receptionist made me feel like a naughty schoolgirl. 'Your appointment was at 9:45, I really don't know if I can fit you in....(much clucking and tutting)...we're very might have to make another appointment..(big sigh).' I call her bluff. 'OK I'll just book another appointment.' Receptionist 'well if you just take a seat we may be able to squeeze you in.' When my name is called a very pleasant lady greets me with a smile (that's all it takes and it's free) and tells me she's having a slow morning anyway.

I don't mind needles and I don't mind having blood taken, my problem is that I have no decent veins to take blood from. Today the lady went from one arm to the other and I began to think here we go.... To her credit she got it first time, but it hurt like hell and I have the beginnings of a big bruise to prove it. The worst experience I had was when it took the phlebotomist 7 attempts and then she gave up because her hands were shaking.

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