By dark


I am a cog.

It rains on me every day.

I don't run a multi-national corporation.

I don't have vast sums of money, or huge tracts of land.

I don't have friends in high places, or the funds to buy them.

I don't have a family name that would get me into Harvard, or out of jail.

I don't deserve health care if I lose my job, and I don't deserve a job that pays enough to afford health care.

All I deserve is the rain.

I am a cog.

One of many.

Easily replaced.

Good to swell the checkbooks of an HMO or two, to pad the corporate profits of Insurance and of Oil.

Certainly sufficient to catch a bullet, if need be, so the dilettante sons and daughters of the aristocracy won't be bothered.

I am showered with the sound of gilded trousers zipping open, trickling down from above.

But I don't look up.

I am a cog in the wheel.


It rains on me every day.




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