Ralph Cooper

By ralphcooper

Adrian's Wall

My mate, Adrian, had a wall at the bottom of his garden.

It was nothing as grand as this one though!

The weather in the Lakes was atrocious today. Consequently I hadn't taken a single photo all day.

This evening I drove to Shilbottle, near Alnwick in Northumberland.

Took a 20 minute detour to Birdoswald.

Don't know much about the area, but would like to spend a bit of time exploring it sometime.

If anyone knows what the craggy hills in the background are, please let me know. I was looking East. I know of at least one blipper who frequents this area on a regular basis.

Didn't stop longer than about 5 minutes to take a couple of pictures.
(Bad man!)

The only other time I've been to Hadrian's Wall was about 35 years ago when my parents took me and my brother to see the fort at Vindolanda.

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