Ralph Cooper

By ralphcooper

Wot choo lookin' at?

Went to Simonside Country Show today.

Also near Rothbury.

A fairly small show compared to some I've been to, but well worth it, just the same.

Lots of things to see.

Clay Pidgeon Shoot
Terrier Show
Dog Agillity
Scottish Country Dancing (in Northumberland?)
Cumberland Wrestling (in Northumberland?)
Thumbstick/Crook carvings
a couple of piggies
Various crafts & cake stands.
Fell Race

There were a couple of Alpaca (if that's the plural).
It's not the crispest shot I've ever taken, but I like the expresion!

Lots of folk walking through the shots and the owners kept drifting into shot so this was the best I could get.

Nearly went for one of the Birds of Prey, but this one just edged it.

Back-blipped yesterday due to dodgy wireless connection AGAIN!

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