Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Off to Northern Ireland

- Backblip - Northern Ireland Day 1

A day of considerable co-ordination.

#1 will be leaving later next week for 6 weeks in Kenya and Uganda, so last minute checks about where he will be when, and leaving instructions like "water the plants", "empty the fridge, bin and dishwasher". I wonder if he will.

#2 is going to be at SU camps for the next two weeks. Enjoying watersports at the first one and leading at the second. Had to be in town mid afternoon with baggage, guitar and cajon. Just made it

Our first visit to Northern Ireland and first time sans enfants pour deux semaines. It feels weird. We left at 6.30 pm heading for the P&0 Express ferry from Troon to Larne. Not Express as it turned out. One hour late, so we didn't arrive in Larne until 11.30 pm. Destination near Ballynahinch. Got into Belfast just after midnight to find the motorway closed in the centre of the city for repair work. Sat Nav keeps telling us to "turn around when possible". We end up on the Falls Road, stopped at traffic lights, looking at murals painted during The Troubles.

Finally make it back onto the motorway and nearing our destination meet a group of guys with guns carrying what look like rabbits. 1am - Thankfully the light is on in the very plush cottage and the doorkey in the hidden place. Found lots of goodies including homemade scones and marmalade, fruit basket and flowers. We feel very welcomed.

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