The Lozarithm Lens

By lozarithm

Still Life With Camera Kit

Had a very pleasant stroll in mild, warm rain this evening and got a few nice shots of ducks, a swan, wildflowers on the river bank - nothing shattering. Came home to find I'd yet again done my special trick of not putting the SD card in the camera I was using. Why don't they have inbuilt memory as well, like my little Lumix FX40 does, for idiots like me who regularly leave the card in the computer?

So here is a hasty snap of my kit - the black K-x that went for a swim in the Avon and now only partially works, the lovely white K-x that replaced it, and the second hand K100D I bought to tide me over while the black K-x was being evaluated, all tastefully arranged in front of the bread bin.

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