Or possibly courgette fritters. I couldn't hear everything JustSitting said but he mentioned something about frying the moisture out and then adding feta and doing something with cream. EcoDad (who raised the marrow) appeared to be advocating something similar. I find that the non-taste of marrow is best concealed when they're stuck in soup with added nice-tasting things like turmeric and cumin but they work in stir-fries too, if they're firm enough.

Upon my arrival I spent about a minute looking round to see if anyone had arrived before noticing MAiT sitting ten feet away right in front of me, though without his glasses on he's more difficult to recognise. No sooner had I sat down than I noticed a bloke waving from the table in the corner accompanied by another relatively-unfamiliar looking bloke, eventually resolved as Instography with less beard than when previously depicted or met and DrCraig, less recogniseable when not wearing a seaweed moustache. I looked behind me a few times to be sure they were waving at me before officially acknowledging them, a task which could have been achieved a lot quicker if Stewart had left his hat on the most prominent corner of the table rather than on the hook behind when he temporarily left the table. I'd forgotten that the fringe and festivals affects the inside of food-vending places and had worried that all the tables might be taken up with barking arsebags comparing lanyards. There was a fortunate absence of close-by shouting and conversational upmanship (even if it meant being the other side from the window) and whilst it was busier things could still get ordered and delivered.

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